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Welcome to the World-Wide Web version of the EServer's recipe folder. Drop me a line if you have any brilliant (or even marginal) ideas for this folder. Or mail me recipes, especially good vegetarian ones.

It's been a loooooong time since I properly updated this page. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. What can I say? I'm a grad student. Grad students get overwhelmed by a goodly number of things, including occasional despair. But now (May 4, 1997) I have finally begun to update this page. This is not to say it's flawless, but hey, it's better.

Note: People sometimes write to say they don't like the editorial comments upon the eating of meat. Well, I decided that either I would take those recipes off--and being a former meat-eater myself, I was loath to do that--or add some sort of commentary, and the section headings are indeed that kind of commentary. Meat, at least in the quantities consumed by Americans, is ecologically terribly expensive and really not terribly good for you, and so far as the ethical dimension goes, I'll say no more here than that I think there's a reason why the term "dead animals" grosses people out more than the term "dead plants." If you're interested more in the various arguments for, if not becoming a vegetarian, at least eating less meat, check out the section below titled, "Info on Matters of Vegetarian Interest."

If you're not familiar with the American/British style of cooking measurements, I've now included a list of conversions in tables or plaintext.

Lastly, as of last modification, I am under the hopefully not-erroneous impression that all these links, at long last, work. I have yet to go through old mail and start putting new recipes online that people have sent me. Oops. (I still think this is an awful lot of recipes, anyway.)